Rent Leveling Board



Ralph Williams, Chairman (term exp. 2021)
Michael Versace (term exp. 2021)
vacant (term exp. 2022)
Gary Barber (term exp. 2023)
Jennifer Grom (term exp. 2021)
Siumy Keys (term exp. 2022)
Kevin Grom (term exp. 2023)
vacant (term exp. 12/2021)
Jimmy Chae, Council Liaison (term exp. 2021)

Rent Control Ordinance


Rent Control Ordinance 1506 Amending "Section 1 Formula for Calculating Rent Increases." of Ordinance #1444

Tenant Complaint Form

Consumer Price Index (CPI)

The percentage to be used for determining rent increase notices during February, 2021 is 1.6%.

Meeting Schedule

The Board meets at the Municipal Building, 50 Washington Avenue, Dumont, NJ at 7:00pm on the following dates for 2021: March 8, June 14, September 13 and, December 13.

Rent Leveling Board Agendas, Minutes & Other Downloads

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